Department of Urology

Sohana Hospital’s Department of Urology provides unparalleled services, offering rapid diagnosis, intervention, and aftercare. Our multi-disciplinary team is led by India’s best urologists and nephrologists, expert in their respective fields. Our hospital remains premier and trusted option for any urology related disorders by employing latest imaging techniques, treatments, and modern theatres.
Our Urology team treats a wide variety of urological conditions including Laser Surgery for urological cancer removal, male infertility, Ureter & Bladder stones, bladder and pelvic pain, incontinence, vasectomy reversal, erectile dysfunction, peyronei’s disease, hydrocele, varicocele and interstitial cystitis. We have demonstrated success in Andrology treatment and kidney stones treatment.


RIRS is a commonly used treatment procedure by urologists globally, for recurrently occurring kidney stones. It’s an endoscopic surgery in which with the help of a laser, stones are treated. A viewing tube is inserted during surgery which then helps the specialist by giving a clear view to the stones present inside, which are thus crushed by the fibreoptic endoscope or manually removed by forceps.

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Get Your Kidney Stone Removed Easily

Kidney stones have always been a very common health issue among both men and women. Although these may form in women, these are twice more popular among men. Besides being a common health problem, these are famously known to be very painful. Anyone who has kidney stones or has ever had would understand how severe the pain might get.

At Sohana, we understand you better and that is the reason we constantly strive to improve our medical facilities and services for you. We have introduced LUMENIS PULSE 100™ W Laser- A smart and modern means to remove kidney stones.

Perks of getting your kidney stones removed through LUMENIS PULSE 100™ W Laser:

  • Quicker healing
  • Painless process
  • Advanced & precise way
  • No incision on the body

Besides the latest technology, our team of expert doctors and nurses ensure that you get treated in the most efficient and best way possible.

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