PRIVACY POLICY SOHANA HOSPITAL Sohana Hospital is completely committed and focused on protecting visitor privacy and keeping all the information safe which is provided by any visitor on our website. We are always concerned and make sure to protect and retain our customer's, visitor's and patient's information and records each time they provide any such information on our website. Our team has been diligently following strict procedures to make sure that any information which is entered by visitors on our website is kept completely safe and secure. We assure that all the information which is typed on our website is kept extremely confidential and Sohana Hospital has employed the highest possible security level of encryption to make sure that all the data entered is retained and stored in a safe way. We may request contact details like your phone number, name, age, email address or even some medical conditions. All such information is solely used by us to get in touch with you and will be kept completely confidential and safe and will never be disclosed or sold to any third party without seeking prior permission from the person. However, we never share any such confidential information without consent of person with third party as a standard practice. Sohana Hospital Website which is shall and may use cookies which are required for technological improvements to help all our website visitors to effectively navigate our site. Sohana Hospital completely assures all its website visitors that the cookies which are saved by us are not used to save any personal information of our visitors, like credit card information and passwords of any kinds. We have a very strict compliance policy against saving any credit card information or passwords. However, our website may have some links to other sites which shall lead you to some third party sites for accessing some important information as required by you while you get yourself treated from us. Users and Visitors should also note that other websites may also have some other privacy practices which may or may not be similar to our privacy policy and the ones used by If any user, visitor, patient, associate, employee or anyone using or accessing our website has any type of question or concern regarding the working and functionality of our privacy policy on any of our sites, then he/she may send the concerns to us through an email on and Our support and technical staff shall immediately get back in one or two days time. What is the Type of information that we may collect on our website?
To regularly improve and enhance the experience of visitors on our website and making the website user friendly we might request some very basic information from our website visitors. Such information may be used to send to some third party for feedback and also to improve our website services.
We may sometimes also ask and collect some information which shall depend on some form that you are filling to contact us and you may also be asked to type in some information such as your phone number, name and your email id. Our website may also collect device related information like the model of your device, network specific information, your email address and your advertiser ID. Also, there is some data and information which may automatically be collected by our website which may include hardware and location information of the user. Also, some location information may be collected if the permission for same and we may also collect your public IP address and also the geo coordinates, like your latitude and longitude information. How will we use the collected information? may send all the data it has collected to some third party channels for the purpose of research and development. Such data may be used in future for planning and for analytics so that we can try and improve the browsing experience on our site.
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