Department Of Obstetrics & Gynecology- Welcoming Your Little One Into This World

April 16, 2021

When it comes to child birth, every doctor wishes for a natural one. This is because mother nature has made women so strong that they may naturally give birth to a baby. However, no doctor would recommend a woman to accomplish labour alone. A woman deserves all the love and care on part of her family & friends throughout the entire pregnancy.

Besides the love and care of family & friends, a woman also needs proper guidance & assurance from a professional. It is very important to visit the doctor regularly to ensure that there are no complications.

Well, this is where Sohana hospital steps in. With a 26 years of legacy of clinical excellence and a professionalism & dedication to bring the little ones safely into this world, the team of gynaecologists & obstetricians believe in serving the would-be mothers from the heart.

Delivering bundles of joy

Childbirth is a celebration and the department of obstetrics & gynecology at Sohana hospital was born out of the same belief. Our team of experts ensures impeccable maternity gynaecology, neonatal, paediatric and fertility services from state-of-the-art facilities.

Clinical excellence, patient’s safety and trust are the key aspects of our foundation. We uphold our foundation by serving joy through tender love and care in an environment that replicates a feeling as that of comfort and warmth at home.

It is the parents choice

How the parents want their baby to be delivered is totally their choice. We give full right to the parents to make a choice while considering the limits of safety for both the baby and the mother. At Sohana hospital, our team of doctors will help you make an informed decision, as they follow the principle of doing the right thing.

One price and commitment pledge

At Sohana hospital, we have taken the pledge to do what is right for both the mother and the baby. We are always transparent regarding our cost and in all other communications. The cost we tell you will be the same as one that will appear on your final bill.

Thus, we don’t give surprises because we believe in making a firm commitment.

A choice of packages

Childbirth is a time of joy, hope and excitement for every parent. At Sohana hospital, we are always committed towards looking for new ways to make these moments more pleasurable and memorable for you.

As part of packages for the mother, we offer comprehensive and thoughtful packages that come with many special touches that add to your sense of well-being.

The baby package evaluates the health of your newborn. To ensure the safety of the baby, taking the package is mandatory.

So, plan in advance, ask to take a facility tour and book the package of your choice in advance so that you arrive on D-Day with nothing else but a smile on your face.

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