May 14, 2021

Kidneys are the one of the most important organs of our body. It is of paramount importance that we take care of them, and SGHS, Sohana is with you with our world class facilities and care.

There are two beans like organs in our body. These beans like organs usually remain unspoken of when one speaks about essential organs in our body. When we think about getting our tests done, kidney health is rarely discussed or acted upon. These beans like organs work throughout our lives to keep our bodies in the best of health. Kidneys play some really important roles in our day to day life. They carry out filtration of blood in which waste and toxic harmful elements are removed from the blood thus ensuring supply of clean blood throughout. Kidney health is also related to the Cardiovascular System. If the kidneys start giving issues, the body has to in turn work extra hard to pump blood to the kidneys. This results in the heart getting overworked and ultimately results in Cardiac diseases. Apart from this too, kidneys play many other important roles in the human body. The production of Red Blood Cells and maintaining the Blood Pressure are some of the varied roles. As compared to men, women are more susceptible because of factors such as edema, medications, stress and even menopause. Do you too suffer from some Kidney related disorder and have you ever thought, “Which is the best kidney hospital near me?” The answer to that is SGHS, Sohana. Established back in 1995, SGHS was established under a charitable trust, with an aim to serve mankind and to keep all people healthy. Over the period of time SGHS has evolved into a renowned Super Speciality Hospital with global recognitions and awards. Our Department of Nephrology too has since its establishment made a huge name for itself in the region and has made SGHS known as the best kidney hospital in Mohali. With renowned names in the field of Nephrology like Dr Ishwardip Singh Kwatra, we have been to help countless patients fight their kidney related issues and many are living a completely healthy life now thanks to the latest treatment techniques available at SGHS. The dedicated staff, the family like atmosphere and the presence of accomplished Doctors all add up to ensure that the patients that walk into our Department of Nephrology, walk out complete hale and hearty. While searching for a Kidney Specialist in Mohali and across the nation, remember that our Nephrology Department covers many kidney related disorders like:

  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Kidney injuries
  • Kidney Stones
  • End Stage Renal Disease
  • Hydronephrosis
  • Diabetic Nephropathy

Our expert team of Nephrologists is a team of super specialized doctors who have years of handling multiple such cases pertaining to our Renal health. You can take care of your Kidneys yourself as well. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables; don’t stress out your body by consuming alcohol and smoking, keep your body well hydrated and most importantly make your physique fitter. Excess weight is always detrimental to Kidney health. But even if after doing all this you face any renal problem or if you are already struggling with a kidney related problem, come to as at SGHS Sohana and help us, help you live a healthy and long life.

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