4 Myths You Heard About Knee Replacement Surgery

April 12, 2021

Knee arthroplasty or knee replacement is a surgical process that replaces a damaged knee joint. The most common cause behind it is osteoarthritis, and others can be rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis. However, did you know that the surgery can also be conducted for correcting mild valgus or varus deformity? Not just this, for young patients, the surgery can be a way to rectify significant knee joint trauma or bone trauma.

Success Rate

You might get to hear that knee replacement surgery has less success rate, but in reality, it is more than 95%. The success rate also depends upon several other parameters. After a successfully conducted surgery, the patient would have to focus on post-surgery care, regular physiotherapy, and diet. After knee replacement surgery, daily physical exercises are a must. You can consult your surgeon to learn about them in details.

Recovery Time

The second myth surrounded by knee arthroplasty is about the time it takes to recover. It is assumed that recovery can take months. However, the ideal recovery period is proportional to many factors. These can include post-surgery care, exercises, and infection rate. Theoretically, the recovery time can be a couple of weeks.


Another thing that people start assuming is that knee replacement surgery will not last long. However, in reality, the durability of the knee plant can increase. It depends upon the type of material that is going to be used. Implant material such as Oxinium, Golden knee implant can last for more than 25 years. You can discuss the best suitable material with your surgeon. After all, a healthy body is what everyone prioritises.


As the saying goes, age is nothing more than a number. It fits right here to bust the myth that patients over 65 years cannot go for knee replacement surgery. It is at the age of 65 when cartilage damages. Not just 65, but, if clinically fit, patients beyond such age group can also go for the knee replacement surgery.

The Final Consideration

The process of knee replacement surgery can replace a knee damaged because of arthritis. However, myths can obstruct you from letting go of a damaged knee. So, you need to know about the correct success rate, duration, recovery period, and many other factors that are assumed wrong. Before drawing a decision based on these, it is always advised to consult your knee replacement surgeon about myths and facts and do’s and don’ts.

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