Breast Cancer- Some Commonly Answered Questions

April 16, 2021

There are many different cells in a human body and cancer is the disease of those cells. Different parts of the body including organs, muscles, skin, bones, and blood are made up of different types of cells. However, all cells in the body have a common centre known as nucleus, which has the genes that are made of DNA. The genes are the ones to control functioning of the cell.

Since there are different types of cells in a human body, different types of cancer arise from them. One thing common in all types of cancer is that the cancer cells increase uncontrollably and are abnormal.

Here, we are going to answer a few cancer related questions since we believe that you must know these answers.

What all cancers are commonly found among women?

The most common type of cancer found among women is cervical cancer. However, a lot of reports suggest that a large number of women are also affected by breast cancer. Breast cancer is more common in urban areas as compared with cervical cancer. Currently, an increasing number of lung cancer cases is also reported among women.

What health check-up should one undergo?

It is important for everyone to undergo an annual health check-up. However, the test for cancer screening varies according to the age. For cervical cancer screening, sexually active women must go for a PAP test, in a span of every two years.

For breast cancer screening, one must go for a baseline mammogram test, which must be further followed by an annual mammogram.

Are there certain types of food items that may cause breast cancer?

There are certain studies that have found a possibility between the existence of breast cancer due to consumption of fat. However, the research needs to be completed to reach an informed conclusion.

The general rule of thumb suggests that the best practice is to eat a healthy diet. So, prefer consuming a diet that is rich in whole grains, lean proteins, fibrous fruits and vegetables. It is also a healthy practise to consult a doctor or dietitian before following a specific diet.

What are the major causes of breast cancer?

There is no single factor that causes bread cancer. However, a lot of risk factors lead to the increased chances of developing breast cancer. Some of the risk factors are current age, age when the menstrual cycle started, age when menopause happened, any first blood relative diagnosed with breast cancer etc.

How may I know if I have a BRCA mutation?

The most important factor here is a family history where more than once close relatives have been diagnosed with either ovarian or breast cancer. Ideally, the mapping of the entire family tree is done to understand the chances of existence of risk.

A simple blood test is required to test mutation. However, the test is not for everyone and a thorough counselling is required to understand the implications, in case the test turns out to be positive.

What can be done to reduce the risk of developing cancer?

The main key to reduce the risk of developing cancer is creating and spreading awareness. It is important to note that if a symptom persists for more than 2-3 weeks, it should not be taken for granted.

Visit a cancer specialist at Sohana hospital and get your breast cancer screening done so that you may detect the cancer early (just in case if it is developing). Early detection will help you get better and successful treatment.

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