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Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

The Obstetrics and Gynaecology department at Sohana Hospital is fully committed to delivering health care services to women looking for gynaecological solutions. The department is driven by a team of highly motivated obstetricians and gynaecologists offering a wide range of services from pre-pregnancy care to childbearing and post-menopausal care.
The labour room is well equipped with Cardiotocographic Foetal Monitors, foetal Doppler, Baby Resuscitation equipment, Portable Ultrasound Machine, and well laid out waiting room. The division specializes in services such as gynae-oncology and basic maternity care. A team of nationally and internationally certified doctors and physicians support other specialty services such as Anaesthesia, medicine, and surgery at one destination. A 24*7 emergency room is developed for high and low risk deliveries. The sole goal of this department is to promote health of women by providing them complete treatment, comfort and, empathy that they require. The department ensures that every woman who comes to Sohana Hospital for treatment gets equal opportunity to lead a healthy life and have a healthy baby.
Gynaecology Testimonials
I changed my obstetrician in the third semester of my pregnancy as I had developed complications and the previous doctor started suggesting Caesarean with heavy medication which I thought would affect my unborn baby. I trusted Dr. Sonil Prabhakar and she helped with a normal delivery. Her experience speaks. I am grateful to her and highly recommend her.
My teenage daughter had an aggressive start to her puberty, and she would have mood swings every now and then. A colleague recommended Dr. Sonil Prabhakar and she is like my daughter’s new best friend. She counsels her very patiently and I can see my daughter deal with puberty and period issues very well.
Me and my wife had become hopeless after trying for baby for more than 4 years, when we heard about Sonil Ma’am from a family friend. She started our IVF treatment and my wife conceived with first cycle of the treatment. We are happily blessed with a baby girl at last. It’s really a miracle and she really is a God to us.
Dr. Henna Dhingra assisted me throughout my pregnancy from month 1 to month 8, I had a premature delivery and involved high risks, but because of Dr. Henna, I could smoothly deliver my baby, though he was premature but due to Ma’am’s care and personal touch, he was discharged within 3 weeks of being on ventilator. She saved both of our lives. I thank her from the depth of my heart.
I had irregular menstrual cycle with hairy face and lot of acne with the onset of my periods. First, I thought I had a skin problem, but I was advised to see a gynaecologist by the dermatologist. I was diagnosed with PCOD. Regular medication and Dr. Henna’s ability to be available for patients resulted in an improved condition. My periods are regular, and my face is much cleaner, and I am getting lesser facial hair. All thanks to Dr. Henna Dhingra!
I developed gestational diabetes during my pregnancy. Dr. Henna asked me not to panic and started my treatment. She was always a call away when I had a complication symptom and would attend my queries on call and tried me to comfort. Her prescriptions were so effective that I had normal delivery with no sugar level irregularity symptoms in my new-born. I am glad that I had her in my tough time.
I am seeing Dr. Ashpi Aloona since 2+ years now and she has kept me in best female health since then. I went to her to get my PAP smear for the first time when I had some menstrual flow disorders. I was really scared as PAP smear meant cancer for me. She took all my worries away and prescribed medication, so I don’t develop any further problems. I am healthy now and have no period problems.
I had read Dr. Ashpi’s reviews on various patient reviews websites and went to see her. She advised me a C-section delivery which at first, scared me. But Ma’am Ashpi took me in her confidence through her humble nature and gave me proper guidance and manual to undergo the surgery. I came out as a happy mother; she was always there to take my post-op calls and queries and made my delivery the most beautiful experience of my life.
I became pregnant before COVID-19 got hold of the world. It was my second month when I was already visiting Dr. Ashpi at Sohana Hospital. Even after the lockdown, my routine checks didn’t stop. Dr. Ashpi is such a sport, she started taking my consultation and session online and sometimes took my calls in the midnight too given my condition. I never felt that I am not seeing her physically, I was healthy and worry free throughout my pregnancy and delivered my baby in her presence at Sohana hospital. She is a true warrior and a life saviour, indeed one of the best gynaecologists in India.

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