Neurology & Neuro Surgery

Department of Neurosciences

Sohana Hospital Department Of Neurosciences Is Committed To Offer The Best In Class Treatments related to neurological disorders. Sohana Hospital is one of the best hospital in chandigarh & mohali for Neurology Neurosurgery providing round the clock holistic care services catering to the wide range of treatments including head and spine injuries. Brain & Spine Tumour, stroke/paralysis, cervical pain, backache, slipped disc, Parkinsons disease and other Neurological disorders. We have a dedicated stroke, epilepsy and dementia clinic. A part from the facilities, the hospital is proud to have a team of dedicated team of neurosciences
who have dedicated their lives to their profession and are capable of handling the most complicated surgical procedures successfully. With plethora of experience, these neurosurgeons can provide diagnosis and recommend the best possible treatment to their patients Microscopic Sugeries, EEG, NCV and EMG facilities are available in the hospital

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