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Hip Replacement Surgery

There are two ways of performing a hip replacement surgery- either by the traditional method or by minimally invasive surgery. While the traditional surgery method involves a long incision, the minimally invasive method involves a short incision.

The doctor will administer general anesthesia so that you do not feel the pain while undergoing the surgery. The incision is made along the hip and muscles are moved to expose the hip joint. After the removal of the ball portion of the joint, an artificial joint is attached.

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Types of Hip Replacement Surgery

The type of bone fixation determines the type of hip replacement surgery.
  • Total hip replacement: Total hip replacement is the most common type of hip replacement procedure. Also called total hip arthroplasty, the surgeon will replace the damaged or worn-out parts of your hip with artificial implants. A plastic cup replaces the socket that might include a titanium metal shell. This is followed by removal of the femoral head and replacement with metal alloy or ceramic ball. The new ball is inserted in the portion atop your femur.
  • Partial hip replacement: Also called hemiarthroplasty, this procedure involves the removal of only one end of your hip joint rather than the two ends. It is mostly done in cases of hip fracture in elderly patients.
  • Hip resurfacing: Mostly performed in young patients, hip resurfacing of the femoral head and socket is done.
Other types of hip replacement are:
  • Uncemented THR: Both the components are uncemented and this type of surgery is ideal for young patients.
  • Cemented THR: Usually done in the elderly, the plastic cup and stem are fixed to the bone with the help of cement.
  • Hybrid THR: Either the cup fixation or the stem is uncemented while the other is cemented.
  • You need THR if you have osteoarthritis
  • If your hip joint is painful and there is obstructed the movement of your hips
  • To treat hip fracture occurring because of a fall
  • When physical therapy fails to improve your condition
  • If medications don't seem to work your painful condition
  • If there is a loss of joint cartilage in your hip.


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The best approach

The way your surgeon will gain access to your hip, your age, your overall health, and the type of implant help to determine the best approach for THR. You need to consider every aspect because some types of implants and surgical approaches require revision surgery, too. Your surgeon will discuss everything with you and determine the pros and cons of traditional hip replacement surgery and minimally invasive surgery. This will help you make an informed decision about the THR surgery.

You can discuss with Dr. Gagandeep your expectations from the surgery and your requirements. It will help him adopt the best approach according to your health status and requirements.

About hip replacement surgery

The hip replacement surgery is done in three ways. In total hip replacement, the ball and the socket both are removed. However, partial hip replacement involves only the removal of the femur head or the ball. Sometimes, the doctor will perform hip resurfacing depending upon the complexity of the case.

You need to follow all the instructions from your medical team after the surgery. Light activities by your physical therapist and preventive measures told by your surgeon ought to be followed for faster recovery. You will return to normal activity with less pain through rehabilitation and physical therapy.

Dr. Gagandeep Sachdeva holds years of experience in performing hip replacement surgeries. Whether you need a total hip replacement or partial hip replacement, he has immense knowledge to successfully perform the surgery with care. Post-operatively, you must follow all the instructions given by him as it will aid in your faster recovery. You may contact him if there is any complication at any point after the surgery.

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