Emergency & Critical Care

Emergency & Critical Care

Are you experiencing a serious injury or illness which doesn’t need you to visit emergency room, but also, the illness is so severe that it needs urgent care? Our critical care ward is the place you can count on. We have a specialized doctor’s office and qualified staff with life support machines and facilities where we observe you 24/7 to stabilize your vital signs and provide you immediate life-saving treatments.
Our Critical care unit includes treatment of the following-
  • Covid 19 symptoms
  • Burn cases
  • Cardiac arrest/kidney failure/ unease in breathing/pulmonary and respiratory issues
  • Severe bleeding due to accident/injury/ any other blood related diseases
  • Allergies and the reactions caused due to it
  • Brain stroke/shocks/fits/seizures
Our treatments and equipment include-
  • Dialysis machines
  • Arterial Catheters, feed tubes, IV tubes, tracheostomy tubes/Thoracostomy
  • Vital signs machines
  • Oxygen support
  • Ventilators
  • Trauma management
Sohana Hospital provides local emergency care through it 24/7/365 level IV trauma center and emergency room. Our skilled physicians and ER trained nurses are here to take care of you and your loved ones be it a minor injury or a severe medical condition. Our ER room is lead by our medical director and is specialized in the following-
  • Policies and practices to handle life threatening emergencies
  • Equipment to facilitate immediate care
  • In- house laboratory to run body tests for faster and appropriate diagnosis and course of treatment
  • Radiology/ CT scans/MRI/Imaging techniques
  • In house Blood bank
  • Shared and single patient rooms as per needs of the attendants
  • Waiting rooms for attendants
  • Round the clock ambulance services
It is advisable in the cases that the family members have advance directive in place, as in extreme cases, patient is totally unconscious for several days to weeks to months.
Emergency & Ambulance

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Our Team

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Our Specialists

Dr Amit
Dr. Amit Bansal

Designation:- Consultant Anesthesia and Incharge I.C.U

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Dr. Gaurav Bhatia
Dr. Gaurav Bhatia

Designation:- HOD Critical Care, Senior Intensivist

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What Happens at the A&E Unit

  • The triage nurse or doctor will assess your condition.
  • A quick check of your pulse, blood pressure, temperature and breathing is done.
  • Registration can be done before or after the triage.
  • After triage. you will be seen by the doctor.
  • If there are any tests blood/laboratory test, it may take place here.
  • Based on severity of the condition, the doctor may
    • Prescribe medications for you
    • Refer you to a specialist who may decide to admit you right away if indicated.
Please note:
  • We practise the triage system at our A&E Department.
  • Patients requiring urgent care will be treated first.
  • We will do our best to minimise waiting time for all patients.
  • If you do have to wait, our nurses are always on standby to answer your questions and monitor your condition.
Facilities Available at the Unit

Our A&E Department operates 24 - hour services supported by multidiscipline sub-specialists to provide emergency treatment. We are able to carry out 24 - hour services comprising:

  • Blood tests including point of care test for rapid result especially influenza and dengue tests
  • Diagnostic imaging e.g. X-ray, CT scan
  • Ambulance transportation
  • Stabilisation and channelling of acute coronary cases to catheterisation laboratory
  • Stabilisation and channelling of stroke cases to stroke unit
  • Stabilisation and channelling of acute surgical cases to operation theatre
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