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    More than 25 Years Of Trust In Healthcare
sohana hospital, best hospital in mohali

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sohana hospital, best hospital in mohali

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sohana hospital, best hospital in mohali

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sohana hospital, best hospital in mohali

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Sohana Hospital

(A Multi Super Specialty Hospital)

More Than 25 Years Of Trust In Healthcare

Sohana Hospital established in the year 1995 is dedicated to delivering the highest standards of healthcare, be it having the finest Doctors,cutting edge technology, modern infrastructure, dedicated about healing the lives that have been entrusted to us, we ensure utmost care and comfort. With a view to provide comprehensive medical services our Hospital has tie-ups with all major Third party administratorsn(TPA) to provide cashless hospitalisation for the convenience of the insured patients.

sohana hospital, best hospital in mohali

Medical Specialities


Sohana Hospital Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement Centre is one of the most advanced Joint Replacement  center in chandigarh & mohali  offering Orthopedic & joint replacement treatment @ affordable rates. The department is equipped with best in class modular operation theatres to provide services such as Primary and Partial Knee Replacement, Primary Hip and Revision Joint Replacement. These advanced procedures can enable patients to sit in crosslegged/squatting position. Simple and complex trauma management is our forte. Our Knee Replacement Specialist Dr. Gagandeep Singh Sachdeva is one of the best joint replacement surgeon in chandigarh & mohali & amongst the best in punjab  with vast experience result in quick recovery thus requiring short hospital stay. Arthroscopy Key Hole surgeries are also performed. Sohana Hospital Joint Replacement department  performs complex precision surgeries which demand a high level of surgical skills and infrastructure delivering excellent outcomes which are patient-centric.

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Eye Care Centre

 Sohana Hospital Advanced Eye & Lasik Laser Centre is a pioneer in high quality vision care serving since 1995.

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Nephrology Department at Sohana Hospital Mohali offers comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for all kidney conditions. Dialysis done at Just Rs 500/- only. Department  are ably supported by dedicated  team of Nephrologists providing round the Clock Services to patients suffereing from kidney disorders. Patients with kidney disease need quality care, guidance and hope. Clinical Nephrology In Sohana Hospital including treating OPD patients, IPD patients, Critical care nephrology, acute kidney disorders. Dialysis facility also available at an affordable cost of Rs 500/- only with High Tech Equipments.

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Sohana Hospital Mohali is one of the best cardiac hospital in chandigarh & mohali, has An Expert Team Of Cardiologists And Cardiac Surgeons Providing The Most Advanced Cardiac Care Services for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of various Heart conditions. Our highly trained and proficient cardiologists are accompanied by experienced cardiac surgeons who provide excellent care for any heart diseases.

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Sohana Hospital, Mohali has one of the best Gastroenterology department Mohali & Chandigarh providing  services for patients of digestive, liver and pancreatic-biliary disease.The department of gastroenterology at Sohana Hospital, Mohali is dedicated to deliver the  state-of-the-art facility that has a team of renowned and best gastro
doctor in mohali & chandigarh . All  operations are done by the top gastroenterologist in mohali, Chandigarh

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Sohana Hospital department of oncology provides comprehensive care for patients with all types of cancers, including Breast, Lungs Prostate etc.
Sohana Hospital is one of the cancer hospital in chandigarh & mohali with a wide range of diagnostic facilities such as a 20 bed day care chemotherapy unit, immunotherapy, blood cancer & lymphoma management, pain management & palliative care. Our Cancer Specialists are recognised for there work in  Treatment for wide range of cancers is available. Surgical procedures for head, neck, breast, uterus & ovarian cancers; Endoscopic surgery for stomach, esophagus & colon; Whipple's surgery for pancreas & gallbladder; Laparoscopic surgery for kidney & bladder are all performed by highly experienced surgeons.

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sohana hospital, best hospital in mohali

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