Nuclear Medicine

Department of Nuclear Medicine

Sohana Hospital is Equipped With Regions Most Advanced PET-CT Scanner & GAMMA Machine to Provide Accurate & Confident Findings For The Perfect Diagnosis. At Sohana Hospital, we care for you and your family and offer the best tool, to aid our experts in your proper imaging and efficient diagnosis. Nuclear medicine is a medical specialty involving the application of radioactive substances in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Nuclear medicine imaging, in a sense, is "radiology done inside out" or "endoradiology" because it records radiation emitting from within the body rather than radiation that is generated by external sources like X-rays.
Sohana Hospital A Super Specialty Hospital is having the best in class Scanning machine to battle cancer in the state. Now, the advanced technology will enable faster and accurate detection of tumors. Experienced In House Oncologist & Onco-Surgeon Team Availale at Sohana Hospital For Better Patient Management. Our Hospital Also Provides Facility Of Gamma Scan (Thyroid Scan, Bone Scan, DTPA, Scan For Kidney Function Evaluation).

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