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Sohana Hospital has been among the leading hospitals for eye and dental treatment for over two decades. The hospital is most trusted by people seeking quality treatment for varying conditions.

We are the first choice of people in North India for any kind of eye problem. Whether they want to remove their specs or get their cataract treated, they don't give a second thought to choosing our services over others. We have the latest machines that help in the precise diagnosis of eye problems with no chances of inaccuracy. Our experienced doctors use these machines in forming the right diagnosis and planning the treatment for the patients. Not only this, patients often look forward to us when they suffer from dental issues. From root canal treatment to advanced procedures like dental implants, we offer all types of dental treatment services. Our dentists have the expertise in performing all kinds of dental treatments with proficiency.

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No Stitch, No Injection Advanced Cataract Surgery (PHACO)
Spectacle Removal Surgery (LASIK)
Glaucoma Management & Surgery
Diabetic Retinopathy & Retinal Laser
Paediateric Eye Disease & Squint Surgery
Eye Lid Surgery
Removable & Fixed Dentures
Crown & Bridge Work (Capping)
Dental Implant
Surgical Extraction
Single Sitting RCT
Tooth Coloured Filling
Scaling (Cleaning)
Post & Core Restorations
Smile Designing

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Sohana Hospital, Khanna Branch Branch

Sohana Hospital Is The Region’s Most Advanced Eye And Dental Care Hospital With Latest Equipment And Technology. Our Zealous Commitment is to bring affordable Eye and Dental Care To The People Of The Region.
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Advanced Dental Care Centre

Our Services Treatments Offered