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The specialty of medicine dealing with cancer treatment through a multidisciplinary approach is Radiation Oncology. The treatment involves the use of a linear accelerator to deliver high-energy rays for targeting cancer cells. Also called Radiotherapy, the procedure helps to treat varying types of cancer and is completely painless.

A medical team comprising of doctors holding specialization in their respective fields works together to treat your cancer to the core. This specialized type of treatment is completely safe and accurately targets malignant cells. The procedure helps not only reduce the signs and symptoms of pain but also control the further growth of cancer.

Truebeam Machine
Truebeam Machine 2
Sohana Hospital at your rescue

Sohana Hospital has been successfully treating cancer patients for over two decades now. Our knowledgeable doctors discuss radiation therapy with you, evaluate your condition, plan the treatment, and then provide the same to you.

Our team holds expertise and experience to handle the complications if any and ensures to inform you about the possible side effects. We are available round-the-clock for your special care and work with dedication to send you back in sound health.

Truebeam Machine

Our hospital has the latest Truebeam machine that has simplified cancer treatment. The machine has high precision dosage control to deliver accuracy. It can treat myriad types of cancer through varying treatment techniques. The machine allows navigation of complexities as it comes with patient-safety features. Our clinicians promise to provide compassionate cancer care to you in your big fight.

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Why Radiation Oncology?

  • Largely beneficial for patients
  • Effectively treats the cancer
  • Painless, suture-less procedure
More about the treatment
  • Advanced procedure: Radiation Oncology is an advanced procedure involving the use of the latest machine for seamless treatment.
  • High success rate: The treatment involves targeting the cancer cells to prevent the progression of cancer
  • Fewer side effects: The procedure requires less time and treatment visits; and has fewer side effects.
Pros of Radiation Oncology

With myriad uses, this type of cancer treatment is very much effective. It increases the chances of the patient's survival by reducing the progression of cancer. It reduces the symptoms of pain to offers a better quality of the life to the patients.

The treatment ensures targeting the cancer cells precisely without any harm to surrounding organs and tissues. As this procedure is done on an outpatient basis, it is one of the most cost-effective types of treatment.

Best Cancer Hospital in Punjab

Our doctors have the expertise and experience to make the journey of cancer treatment easy for you. They have been all-ear to the expectations of cancer patients and continue to provide unmatched treatment for years.

  • The best hospital for cancer treatment in Punjab
  • Well-equipped with the latest machines like Truebeam Radiotherapy system
  • Safe and reliable treatment with prompt management of cancer complications
  • State-of-the-art facilities with top-notch technology
  • 24×7 availability of the medical team
  • Over two decades of tireless service for cancer patients