Quality Vision Treatment For The View Of Life

March 26, 2022

Sohana Eye Care Centre is your ultimate destination for quality eye care and improving the sight of life. Serving the people for more than two decades, our advanced eye care center is quite popular for Contoura Vision Surgery. Our renowned doctor, Dr. Amanpreet Kaur, continues to achieve greater milestones by performing surgical eye procedures effectively. We are known for providing quality eye care with the use of advanced technology. Without a doubt, we provide not just quick but also pain-free treatment to the patients.

Patient satisfaction

As healthcare providers, it is our responsibility to satisfy the needs and expectations of our patients. If you wish to undergo the procedure for Contoura Vision in Mohali, we are your go-to place. Our bladeless treatment ensures you get vision free from a contact lens in the long term. Before heading for the procedure, we are all ears to the demands and expectations of the patients. We, at Sohana Hospital, always try to understand what our patients desire. Undoubtedly, we have always succeeded in surpassing the expectations of our patients. Your satisfaction is the cornerstone of our existence in the healthcare industry.

A trusted team of professionals

With Dr. Amanpreet Kaur leading the team, we have the best bunch of professionals. Our most advanced association of eye surgeons and eye physicians is trustworthy in all aspects. We stand by our words to deliver the superior quality of eye care to all our patients. Our team is immensely knowledgeable and holds years of experience in the field. The skills and expertise of our healthcare professionals boast of their work and success in the industry. There’s no doubt in the fact that you can rely on our team only to witness promising eye care services.

Well-maintained quality standards

It is quite common when we hear that a certain hospital fails to maintain the desired standard for quality care. However, we care for our valued patients, and hence, meet the quality standards. With a belief in enlightening the lives of our patients, our eye specialist in Mohali meets the highest standards of quality. Sohana Hospital has always remained a step ahead in maintaining quality and fulfilling the requisite. Our promising treatment is the best thing that we can offer and we do offer to our patients.

Awareness of eye health

A majority of the population remains largely unaware of the importance of maintaining eye health. Well, we take the charge of spreading a piece of word about the importance of good eye health. We, not only understand the needs of the patients but also ensure to educate them. Our team enlightens the patients regarding the importance of good eye health. Furthermore, we encourage them to preserve and/or maintain their healthy vision in the long run. We provide information on various eye conditions and eye diseases that may result in serious effects.

Contoura Vision at the rescue

Sohana Hospital is pretty popular for its eye surgeries and various procedures for eye care. Dr. Amanpreet Kaur is proficient in her work and excellently performs Contoura Vision surgery. Pain-free eye care is what we strive to offer to our patients irrespective of their condition. Our patients, over the last two decades, have found us reliable for quality eye care services. Emerging as the most promising eye procedure, Contoura Vision is the prompt treatment to your specs. Utilizing a computer-guided laser, our doctor replaces your cloudy eyesight with an artificial lens. This also helps in removing the cornea irregularities in your eyes to offer you sharp vision.

Incorporating latest technology

To provide you with the vision of your life, we aim to improve ourselves in every possible way we can. We know the importance of keeping an eye on the latest technology in the market and incorporating them. Sohana Hospital commits to treating your poor vision with the latest technology approved by FDA. All procedures performed using the latest advancements not only save time but guarantee better vision. One can experience the best benefits of Contoura Vision through LASIK technology.

Advantages of Contoura Vision

There are a plethora of benefits of opting for Contoura Vision in Mohali at Sohana Hospital. Let’s give a quick read to some of these advantages enlisted here:

  • the procedure offering the highest safety when it comes to vision improvement
  • a bladeless and painless procedure
  • offers a smooth corneal surface to the patients
  • no need for bandage as well as hospitalization
  • marks all the points on the cornea for removing corneal irregularities
  • eliminates the need for injections and stitches
  • Removal of your specs with better and sharp vision, post-procedure.
  • helps to improve the visual quality and sharpness of the patients
  • better quality of vision by treating visual axis
Sterilization protocols for safety

Sterilization of the operating area is essential before beginning any medical treatment procedure. Our eye specialist in Mohali ensures that all the patients are safe when they come to us. We take care of maintaining sterilization at every step from consultation to final surgery. Our professionals make sure that you catch no infection due to carelessness in maintaining a sterile environment in our hospital. Our hospital undergoes thorough inspection from time to time for ensuring you are safe with us. We aim to offer services so that our patients don’t have to compromise when it comes to their health.

Why choose us?

If you have been wondering about the reasons to choose over others, let us help you out. We have a few convincing reasons to ensure you choose us over and over again.

  • We keep in line with the latest procedures for delivering you quality eye care.
  • A well-equipped eye care center with all the facilities.
  • Latest machines and technological advancement available for prompt eye care services.
  • A team of experienced professionals holding immense knowledge in the industry.
  • Doctors with exceptional skills and unmatched efficiency in the work.
  • Best services from the diagnosis to the final treatment procedure.
Dr. Amanpreet Kaur

Dr. Amanpreet Kaur is the Chief Operating Officer apart from being the Chief Phaco and Refractive Surgeon at the advanced eye care center in Sohana Hospital. She is an excellent Cataract Surgeon with numerous accolades. With more than a decade of experience, she is proficient in performing LASIK, Femto LASIK, ICL, PRK, and Contoura LASIK procedures. The doctor is also known for her work in Robotic Cataract Surgery, FLACS, Multifocals, Femto Cataract, Toric, and Extended Intra Ocular Lenses. Dr. Amanpreet Kaur has been associated with Sohana Hospital for nearly 11 years and has earned much recognition in the industry

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