Is Psychiatry A Taboo?

April 10, 2021

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term psychiatry? Many people would imagine the picture of a person having mental health issues. Well, this is not how it is! Psychiatry is a branch for diagnosing, treating, and staving off the mental and behavioural disorders. Most people visit a psychiatrist to make their mental health right. Psychiatrists also treat substance use disorders. Not just this, there are several other assumptions that you need to break. Let’s take a close view of some of them:

They Will Force Me to Take Medications

See, not every patient is the same and nor are their disorders. The medication plans are designed as per the needs and problems of the patient. However, if the patient is not comfortable, he/she can always discuss it with the psychiatrist. At times, therapy can resolve the problem without the use of medicines.

The Drug Will Change My Personality

The use of medicines is to correct the disorders that one has and not change the person completely. Suppose you have an anxiety disorder, but you are a punctual person. Medications will work on the anxiety without affecting your punctuality.

Children Don’t Need A Psychiatrist

A disorder is a lot more than a mild mood swing, it is a condition of severe dysfunction. It can severely impact a child in a lot of ways. Also, children haven’t experienced every life situation. Dealing with conditions like ADHD, depression, or anxiety is way too much for a child to handle.

Due to beliefs like these, it gets hard for people to come forward to treat mental illness. Don’t wait for things to turn worse! If you or someone you know needs to speak about their illness, you can reach out to help here. Just a couple of taps can take you to the best psychiatrist in Chandigarh.

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