Prompt Orthopedic Treatment For You To Move Better

March 25, 2022

The Orthopedic and Joint Replacement unit at Sohana Hospital is nothing less than an amalgamation of advancements and healthcare. Equipped with the most advanced technological innovations, the department has state-of-the-art facilities. With Dr. Gagandeep Singh Sachdeva as the Chief Orthopedics and Joint Replacement Surgeon, we have a team of professionals. Our team works in harmony to provide you with the best treatment that allows you to walk with ease. Backed with a vision of providing affordable patient care, our orthopedic doctor in Mohali is a trusted name when it comes to performing orthopedic surgery. We have the best facilities available in the orthopedic department of the hospital for patients' convenience.

Affordability complementing healthcare

Medical ailments are a part and parcel of life, and so do joint problems. Not everyone experiences a joint problem as simple as resolving with the medications. Some complex cases of these problems require surgical intervention by specialists. Well, we promise you the correct diagnosis followed by the best orthopedic treatment possible at our hospital. When you search for an orthopedic specialist near me, you will find our name in the list of affordable healthcare providers. All the procedures for orthopedic treatment are available at our hospital at affordable prices.

Team of professionals

When it comes to seeking healthcare services, everyone wants to get treatment from the best. In these modern times, people are quite aware of the difference between a novice and an expert. Well, we have a team of trained and experienced professionals with Dr. Gagandeep Singh Sachdeva leading it. The OT technician and non-medical staff at Sohana Hospital also have certifications in doing the job. Undoubtedly, it's their knowledge, expertise, and skills that speak a lot about their work. This team of professionals works with dedication to meet your expectations. They never fail to provide promising care to the patients and send them with satisfaction.

Everything under a roof

Patients often have a tough time looking for a doctor, undergoing tests, and getting treatment. Frequently, they run from one corner of the city to the other for every small requirement. We understand the situation of our patients and what they go through. So, we have all facilities available under a single roof at our orthopedic hospital in Mohali. From getting consultations to tests to treatments, we ensure to save your time and energy through best-class facilities. Once you visit our orthopedic doctor, we will guide you at every step under the same roof.

Treatment offerings

Many hospitals usually diagnose the patients and explain the treatment only to call them later. However, we have our in-house Chief Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon available all the time for you. Apart from our easily available orthopedic doctor at Sohana Hospital, we have a range of treatment procedures available. These, do not limit to but, may include hip replacement, knee replacement, treatment of shoulder joints, and knee arthroscopy. Not only this, our qualified doctors are proficient in performing other types of specialized joint treatments. We commit to providing you with the treatment you desire from our proficient doctors.

Technology-driven treatments

It is not possible to treat every kind of joint problem with the traditional methods of treating the condition. Some complex cases resolve only after making the best use of the latest technological advancements. To ensure you are never deprived of the best treatment, we have equipment with later technology. These machines and tools aid in providing you with prompt treatment. Our team keeps an eye on the latest advancements in the field that simplify treatment methods. This helps in saving your time and delivering the best possible healthcare services to you.

Precise diagnosis and treatment

We know that it is crucial to give an exact diagnosis of the ailment to plan the treatment systematically. We have well-qualified and knowledgeable doctors to provide you with the same at Sohana Hospital. No patient will ever go disappointed when they have the best doctor to form the correct diagnosis. Our doctors carefully study the condition before forming the diagnosis for the same. If you are here for a knee joint replacement, our doctor will plan the treatment according to your requirements. We always prioritize our patients' necessities and discuss their expectations from the procedure.


We know the importance of providing the best aftercare for a speedy recovery after any surgery. Also, patient coordination and post-operative care go hand in hand for improving the quality of life. Well, our doctors provide patients with a list of instructions that they ought to follow. We always ensure that post-operative patient care aids in the healthy recovery of our valued patients. Our doctors advise patients with physical therapy and exercises that will help in recovery. Along with that, they ensure regular monitoring of the patient's condition and a healthy diet.

Adherence to the standards

While quality is what every patient seeks in healthcare services, we are building everlasting trust through the same. Any patient visiting us for knee joint replacement gets the benefits of personalized services through personal attention. Today, we stand tall as a pillar of excellence in the healthcare industry through our assuring facilities. We maintain the quality standards and stick to the regulations laid down by the concerned authorities. Sohana hospital follows all the protocols to contain the spread of infection. As we deliver services, we keep in mind the stringent protocols we ought to maintain.

Quality of life

Our orthopedic hospital in Mohali has earned much recognition in North India. People rely on us for their healthcare needs, especially joint problems. Through our exceptional services, we strive to become leaders in the healthcare industry. Our aim is to improve your quality of life by taking care of your knee joints and spinal problems. We work day and night with the utmost dedication to keep up with your expectations. Your good health is something that we desire and put in efforts for, in the long run. You can rely on us for your orthopedic problems and we will provide you with the privileges you desire.

Why choose us?

If you are wondering as do why you must choose us for your orthopedic problems, let's shed some light on our phenomenal features.

  • Sohana Hospital is the most trusted hospital when it comes to class-apart healthcare services in the long term.
  • Fully-equipped orthopedic department with functional OT.
  • State-of-the-art equipment to combine promising healthcare with the latest technology.
  • Affordable treatment procedures that don't burn holes in your pockets.
  • A sterilized environment for undergoing surgical procedures with no chances of infection.
  • Improved quality of life with successful joint replacement or spinal or shoulder joint surgeries.
  • Treatment of fracture cases as and when emergencies arise.
  • Long-lasting benefits of comprehensive patient care
  • A dedicated team for efficient trauma management.
  • Proper monitoring of health at every step.
The leading orthopedic doctor

Dr. Gagandeep Singh Sachdeva, an orthopedic doctor in Mohali, is amongst the finest doctors of our hospital. With years of experience and expertise, he has several accolades in his name. His efforts and hard work helped him not only carve a niche for himself but earn a remarkable name in the industry. With hundreds of successful surgeries in his name, he has joined the league of the most successful orthopedic surgeons. He is known for arthroscopy, keyhole surgeries, joint replacement, spinal, and shoulder surgeries. He is proficient in performing total knee replacement surgeries, knee replacement surgeries, knee resurfacing, total hip joint replacement, and total hip replacement.

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