If Taken Right Action At The Right Time, A High–Risk Pregnancy Can Be A Well-Avoided Emergency

May 25, 2021

high-risk bregnancy is not only about the mother, but it also involves the developing fetus inside the womb of the mother and also the family of the mother.

Before the delivery of the baby, a couple must consult a pediatrician for Pre Conception Counselling. This is to discuss the rate of the successful birth of their child as it helps in providing additional information to the delivering doctor as a high-risk pregnancy can often have moments of emergency.

A high-risk pregnancy can be really difficult to handle without the proper guidance by the doctors. In case of high-risk pregnancy, regular visits to a gynecologist , a neonatologist and a pediatrician is a must. Regular monitoring of the expecting mother and her baby’s condition, recommended visits to other doctors, frequent ultrasounds, and possible hospitalization before the delivery are generally done in case of a high-risk pregnancy.

Department of Pediatrics and Neonatology at Sohana Hospital, Mohali specializes in dealing with high-risk pregnancy cases. The well-experienced, highly reliable, and renowned neonatologist and pediatrician at Sohana Hospital, Dr. Navpreet Kaur works tediously to ensure the safety of her patients. Nurses are present throughout the journey to help the ailing mother deliver her child comfortably and also to look after the overall health of the newborn.

Sohana Hospital is well equipped with exclusive labor and delivery rooms for safe childbirth, Level III NICU units, Pediatric ICU units, CPAP/ Neonatal ventilators, and Intensive Care Units for Infants. It is always willing to serve its patients by offering the best treatments at a nominal cost as the main motto of Sohana Hospital will always be to serve its patients in the best possible ways above anything else.

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