Advanced Orthopedic Care From The Specialists

April 25, 2022

Sohana Hospital is the leading hospital when it comes to getting treatment from the best orthopedic doctor in Mohali. We provide the highest level of care and attract patients from entire India. The hospital is the go-to place for treatment for a majority of North Indians. Our orthopedic surgeons have long-standing expertise in their work and hold immense experience. If you are experiencing discomfort performing your routine activities, our hospital is the right place for you. Our specialists provide an accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment to offer instant relief.

Non-invasive treatments
  • We know that some cases do not require surgical intervention by any chance. So, we aim to provide you with the best treatment possible, even if it's noninvasive. If you are looking for an orthopedic surgeon who will avoid surgery if there isn't a need, visit Sohana Hospital. Our doctors take great care in rightly diagnosing the condition and choosing a treatment according to your preference. If there isn't a need for surgery and you wish to avoid the same, our doctors won't do it. We stress minimally invasive procedures in as many cases as we can. The ultimate aim is to provide you with instant relief in the long term.
State-of-the-art equipment
  • If you are looking for an orthopedic specialist near me, you can rely on us for your needs. Our Advanced Joint Replacement Center is fully-equipped with the best technology. We have state-of-the-art equipment to ensure timely and speedy treatment of the patients. Our specialists make use of the most effective therapies to treat your conditions. The doctors here treat you in a way so that routine activities are no more a challenge for you. We intend to provide you with treatment that will resolve your issues in daily activities.
Range of treatments
  • Sohana Hospital has the most advanced orthopedic center to cater to the needs of the patients. Our doctors provide world-class treatment to the patients with efficiency in performing surgical procedures. We have the best modulation theatre for offering treatments like Partial and Primary Joint and Knee Replacement. Our doctors also perform procedures like arthroscopy, revision joint replacement, and keyhole surgeries. They are adept at performing these procedures with accuracy to improve the quality of life for the patients. The results of these procedures are fruitful as patients get to straighten their replaced joints and knees. One can easily perform day-to-day activities without any hindrance after surgical procedures.
Emergency Management
  • Our doctors are well-known in the North India region for carefully handling trauma and emergency cases. They hold years of experience in emergency management and managing complex cases of trauma. Whether the patient suffered a fracture in any of their joints or got a simple ligament tear, you have us. Our doctors will make every effort to ensure you need to experience psi and discomfort for long. The specialists will take special care to make sure the patients experience a faster recovery. We promise to bring you back on your feet and easy movements with the best treatment.
One-on-one attention
  • A key feature of our hospital that sets us apart from the rest is that we pay personalized attention. Our orthopedic hospital in Mohali is popular for providing prompt attention to its patients. We develop healthy relationships with our patients to make their treatment easy. You will experience the best results when you are comfortable conveying your problems. So, our team makes it a point to make you feel comfortable and stay all-ears to your problems. This allows us to understand your needs better and offer quality treatment for your case. We have a doctor attending to every patient in the hospital for a personalized approach.
Constant monitoring
  • No patient can ever understand whether he or she has fully recovered or not. They need a doctor by their side to constantly monitor them. This helps in keeping a track of the progress and how the patient continues to improve. Well, we take care of the patients as our medical team constantly monitors them. We understand that the patient requires special attention for their condition. So, our orthopedic surgeon makes it a point to continuously monitor your improvement. We help you recover from joint problems and climb up or down the stairs with ease.
Instructions and physical therapy
  • Any orthopedic patient requires correct instructions and physical therapy to recover well. If the patient performs strenuous activities immediately after their joint replacement surgery, it may increase the problem. So, our orthopedic doctors provide a list of instructions for the patients to follow after the surgery. Whether you need to exercise or not, our team will instruct you regarding the same. Also, if you ought to perform physical therapy, our doctors will tell you about the exercises to do.
Treating arthritis
  • A majority of the patients suffer from Arthritis and pay no attention to its treatment. While your loved one might be experiencing problems in routine activities due to arthritis, you need to care for them. They might hesitate to bother you about their joint problems but it's your turn to take the initiative. Sohana Hospital offers class treatment for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Our doctors have expertise in treating arthritis whether in old or in young people. Also, patients can approach us for knee joint replacement as our doctors hold experience in the same
Sports surgery
  • Injuries are a part and parcel of the life of the sportsmen and the athletes. They often need an orthopedic specialist for the injuries or fractures they suffer during their practice sessions. Well, we have experts for the sportsmen and athletes too, to get prompt treatment. Our surgeon has tremendous experience in treating sports injuries through arthroplasty. Whether you are an athlete or former sportsman experiencing an orthopedic issue, we are here to assist you. Your satisfaction is the cornerstone of our existence and we assure you of satisfaction in whatever treatment we offer. Our doctors can also perform shoulder and spinal surgery.
Dedicated operation theatre
  • Sohana Hospital Advanced Joint Replacement Center has the latest German medical lighting technology. With excellent illumination in the theatre, the surgical procedures are easy to perform. Our team keeps an eye on the latest technological innovations in equipment. So, we have all the equipment to offer you quality treatment. The use of the recent technologically advanced equipment reduced the operation costs. Also, the diagnosis becomes easy and ensures neat surgeries that aid in fast recovery. Our dedicated team works effortlessly to guarantee you treatment without making any compromises. This makes Sohana Hospital the best orthopedic hospital in Mohali for over two decades.
Best orthopedic doctor in Mohali
  • A person experiencing problems in the joints and knees wants to undergo treatment from the best doctor. Well, Sohana Hospital has an immensely knowledgeable, experienced, and the best orthopedic doctor in Mohali. While offering you the correct treatment for any of your orthopedic problems, we guarantee you affordability. All the procedure costs at our hospital are at a competitive price. Our health packages further cover all types of treatment at a decent price.
  • Do you seek exceptional treatment for your orthopedic problems with instant relief? Visit Sohana Hospital in Mohali and get a consultation from our orthopedic surgeon today.
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