Foods You Must Eat Before And After Surgery

April 17, 2021

Whenever a human body goes under operation, it goes through some level of stress. Thus, it becomes really important to prepare our body for the same.

Some real-time emergency procedures are performed with an aim to save a life while other times elective surgeries are performed. Selective procedures are performed to replace a worn out, damaged, or infected body part. Some doctors advise their patients to undergo preventative surgeries, depending on the patient’s condition.

There is no denying the fact that our body needs more nutrients to recover after getting through surgery. People with a well nourished body find it easy to handle surgery and their body has the ability to heal and recover quickly.

Here are a few tips that you can follow to keep stress at bay and recover as fast as possible.

So, here’s what you must eat before and after Surgery:


It is a well known fact that our body is made up of 80% water, due to which, the detoxification process depends on water to convert fat soluble nutrients to water soluble nutrients and sweep away the toxins from the body. Since the human body these days relies more on medication, make sure you keep the liver hydrated before and after surgery in order to get rid of the unwanted substances from your body.

It is recommended to everyone that they drink at least half of their blood volume of water every day. Some p-eople find it difficult to drink a lot of water every day, so, they may consider beginning their day with a glass of water or two and then sip water throughout the day. You must also know that filtered water is of best quality since there are many contaminants present in the tap water.


The body releases free radicals when the surgery is being performed.Thus, it becomes important to consume a diet that is rich in antioxidants both before and after getting the surgery done. The whole objective is to eat as much as healthy foods as one can before and after the surgery. You must also know that vegetable juices (raw) are easy to digest and make a good transition back to eating solid foods once you are back home after surgery.

Easily digestible foods

One of the excellent food choices for anyone recovering after surgery or from any kind of serious health concern such as an autoimmune disease is bone broth. Home cooked bone broths contain gelatin and collagen which helps in providing relief from gastric ulcers. It also contains glycine that helps in improving digestion by increasing gastric acid secretion and avoiding the protein to break down in muscle. Besides this, glycine also helps in detoxifying the body and enhancing the quality of sleep. Bone Broths also contain glutamine which is a rich source of amino acid and is useful for healing the small intestine and leaky GUT.

Human body is both strong as well as delicate. When undergoing surgical procedures, it requires proper rest and enough nutrients both before and after the surgery. Now that you know what you may consume before and after surgery, we hope that you will take proper care of yourself or anyone who is undergoing a surgery.

Sohana Cancer Research Institute