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Clearing Misconceptions, Saving Lives

On women’s day, a seminar was held at our hospital and OUR SPECIALIST GAGANDEEP S. SACHDEVA (Ms,MCh- Orthopaedics, Chief Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement Surgeon) talked about various issues that cause, contribute to, and are responsible for the joint pains (mainly knee joints).

Our old patients who went through TKR surgeries also reached out to our new and current patients and inspired them to take care of themselves after the surgery. They cleared a lot of queries and also showed the patients how they were able to exercise and were able to sit cross legged. DR. GAGANDEEP S. SACHDEVA leading the whole SGHS TEAM of doctors and specialists made the whole seminar a success.

This is how we look after our patients at Sohana. We strive to shed guidance and a light of hope on our patients so that they may feel inspired to stay healthy & fit.

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