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Delhi covid patient recovers after 24 days at Sohana Hospital

After spending 14 days waiting for effective treatment, West Delhi’s Mrs. Gursharan Kaur was admitted to Sohana Hospital, Mohali, when her SPO2 dropped to 80. After 24 days, she emerged victorious.

Mrs. Kaur had tested positive on 18th April, son Manpreet says, and had referred to three doctors in the capital. Seeing her dipping SPO2 levels, the third doctor referred her to a hospital. When they didn't find any hospital bed which could be afforded, Manpreet and his brother reached out to their relatives. ‘Most of them suggested this hospital’, he said.

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Though apprehensive of a new city with no contacts of their own, they shifted their mother from West Delhi to Mohali overnight. The hospital administration assured them of resource availability, and took in their ailing mother. This was 14 days after she had started her medications, but showed no sign of recovery.

The authorities understood that she was very unstable, and financial stress would be the last thing the family would need. While Manpreet’s mother was in the ICU, Dr. Khushpreet Kaur and Dr. Gaurav Bhatia tended to her, and regularly updated him on his mother’s condition and her response to the given medications. All corona protocols were strictly maintained. Finally, the family saw a ray of hope when she started to recover.

’After 24 days of treatment, my mother has recovered’, Manpreet beamed. ‘I am thankful to the entire team, the staff at Sohana Hospital, its team of doctors as well as its administration because they never faced any issue with procuring resources or managing it, unlike in Delhi. Medical as well as financial support was provided. Patient does not recover from medicine alone, they need proper treatment and care, as well as a team of doctors who understands the patient. I would recommend this hospital for all kinds of medical treatment, not just for Corona inflicted cases but also for other advanced treatments.

Dr. Khushpreet Kaur, Pulmonologist at Sohana Hospital, said ‘The second wave of Covid has led to horrific loss of lives. It has been 20-21 days since we have been treating critical patients. Mrs. Gursharan Kaur was one of them, but she's not the only success story. I would like to thank Dr. Jasleen, Dr. Mayank Sharma, Dr. Puneet Kumar, and our entire team. I thank Dr. Gagandeep S. Sachdeva for keeping us motivated and helping us achieve our goals’.

Dr. Gagandeep S. Sachdeva, CEO of Sohana Hospital, credited the ample space and adequate facilities to the hospital being run by a trust. He too thanked the local administration and Punjab Government, whose unending support ensured that they faced no shortage of beds, medicines or oxygen. This enabled them to treat patients effectively. He urged people to not take the virus lightly, and to vaccinate themselves on time.

Statistics show that mortality in patients has risen due to post-recovery ailments like mucormycosis (Black fungus). Doctors at the hospital strongly urge the patients to not ignore these underlying problems. Sohana Hospital ensures cost-effective cure, affordable medication, and precise diagnosis for all kinds of ailments.

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