SGHS Hospital Urology

The Department of Urology at SohanaHospital offers advanced urological care at par with internationalstandards. We offer full spectrum of diagnostics for kidney stone disease,prostate disease & cancers of kidney & Bladder and andrology services.

Our department provides latest andstate of the art treatment for all kidney related diseases.

  • Endoscopic stone removal surgeries (Mini PCNL, Ureteroscopy,Endoscopic Bladder stone removal)
  • Endoscopic surgery for prostate.
  • Laparoscopic urologysurgeries (Radical Nephrectomy simple nephrectomy)
  • Reconstructive urology surgeries, ( Laparosocpic Pyeloplasty,Urethroplasty)
  • Endoscopic surgeries for urethral Stricture disease.
  • Pediatric urology ( Endoscopic treatment of ureteric reflux,Ureteric reimplant surgeries)
  • Comprehensive andrology services for Sexual dysfunctiontreatment & infertility.
  • Vascular access (Fistula) for Hemo-Dialysis.

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