Oculoplasty Services

This is the most recent sub-speciality of Ophthalmologydealing with the diseases of eyelids, tear drainage system, orbit and cancerrelated to eyes and eyelids. All diseases are managed with most recent andstate-of the-art technology.

Various servicesavailable:

1. Diseases of eyelids - like droopy eyelids, out/in turnedeyelid margins, misdirected eyelashes, birth defects of eyelids andcysts/masses over the eyelids.

2.  Watering eyes-region’s first, unique and advanced management of ‘watering eyes of childrenand adults’ is available at our hospital. Recent modalities like lacrimal ductstenting and nasal endoscopic procedures are performed with latest equipments. 

3.  Cosmetic (eyelid-facialscars, wrinkles) and functional (abnormal eyelid-facial movements/contractions) disorders are also managed with latest techniques incorporatingBotox injections, fillers and scarless cosmetic surgeries.

4.  Ocular prosthesisclinic- We also provide comprehensive management for the badly scarred orshrunken eyes at our latest ‘Customised ocular prosthesis’ clinic. Speciallytrained Ocularist (artist) makes simulating artificial eye shell which enhancesthe facial appearance as well as the confidence of the person. For many, it hasbeen a life-changing experience.

5.  Eyelids andorbital cancer- These difficult and distressing situations for the patient andwhole family are also holistically managed at our centre in collaboration withour oncology team providing surgical, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Ocular and orbital trauma- Comprehensive management ofeyelid and tear drainage system trauma is also available in emergency hours byour specialists in co-ordination

Services Available

a.   Entropion Surgery

b.   Ectropion Surgery

c.   Ptosis Surgery

d.   DCR

e.   Lid Reconstruction

f.  Artificial eyeimplant



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