We at SGHS Super Specialty Hospital provide 24 x 7 emergency services. We value every second when life comes at risk. The ambulance is equipped with the essential life supporting equipment and emergency drugs are available round the clock.


Services/Treatments Offered

Once the patient arrives in Emergency he/she typically undergo a brief triage or sorting, to help determine the nature and severity of their illnesses. Individual with serious illnesses are given priority over those with less severe symptom /injuries after primary assessment and treatment the patients are either admitted or discharged.

The department acts as a good host to the patients, where they are received at the entry by ensuring comfort and urgency one requires. If timely information of the incoming patient is already available, all arrangements are made before the arrival including informing the specialists and / or ICU's if required. The nursing staff is fully trained to provide necessary assistance to the doctor on duty to assess and provide immediate and timely medication.

The patient is kept till initial stabilization and necessary documentation, initial blood sampling, ECG etc. has been completed.


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