Reasons To Choose

Divine force which motivate us to work and serve the humanity. The foundation stone of SGHS Eye & Multi Specialty hospital was laid for the purpose. We believe in through duty to glory

Doctors do their best and leave no stone unturned to treat the patients.  It is among the leading hospital in the region.  We have Professional and Dedicated team. Our keystone of the healthcare of our patient is the adage “First,do no harm” when treating those who seek our aid. We believe this adage is particularly relevant to our treating in our hospital. Relating it to Healthcare Services, the quality of patient care is of utmost importance to people coming from faraway places for treatment as the foundation of the hospital is to provide quality and affordable healthcare to every individual seeking medical help.

We prayer for the patient admitted in a hospital in morning and evening prayers at Sri Guru Harkrishan Sahib (Akal Ashram) Gurudwara for the recovery of the patients. We don’t treatpatient as customer. Customer or clients we treat them as family. There is a divine force which motivates us to work hard and comfort our patients to the best we can.