Privacy policy

All patient and non-patient related data and information generated, provided or contained in the hospital is kept appropriately confidential, integrated and secured.

All information concerning a user, including information relating to his / her health status, treatment or stay in the hospital is confidential. No person may disclose any information contemplated in above mentioned point unless,

  • The user consents to that disclosure in writing
  • A court order or any law requires such disclosure; or
  • Non-disclosure of the information represents a serious threat to public health Without prejudice to the generality of this section, special precautions for the maintenance of confidentiality are taken, with respect to
  • Persons affected with HIV / AIDS and
  • Persons with mental health problems
  • Person is danger to the national security or to the society.

Patient records are kept confidential, complete and secure both in manual and in electronic form. This is in accordance with Indian Evidence Act, Indian Penal code, Code of Medical ethics.

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