The Department of Physiotherapy at SGHS Superspeciality Hospital provides treatments topatient todevelop, maintain and restore maximum movement and functionalability throughoutlife. This includes providing services in circumstanceswhere movement andfunction are threatened by aging, injury, disease or environmentalfactors.

Inan effort to promote better health amongst patients suffering fromimpairedmovement of body, the team of specialists at SGHS SuperspecialityHospital hasgathered extensive experience over the years by studying patientsand providingtreatment on case-to-case basis.

The primary focusin the treatment is always to identify and to foster the ability to maximisethe movement to achieve desired success and then to prevent the re-occurrenceof ailment that prohibit the movement. As the patient’s mental strength isalways an important factor, providing compassionate treatment is an integralpart of every physiotherapy case.

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