Patients Rights

Patient Rights

  • Right to considerate and respectful care.
  • Right to information on diagnosis, treatment and medicines.
  • Right to obtain all the relevant information about the professionals involved in the patient care.
  • Right to expect that all the communications and records pertaining to his/her case be treated as confidential
  • Right to every consideration of his/her privacy concerning his/her medical care program.
  • Right to expect prompt treatment in an emergency.
  • Right to refuse to participate in human experimentation,research, project affecting his/her care or treatment.
  • Right to get copies of medical records
  • Right to know what hospital rules and regulations apply to him/her as a patient and the facilities obtainable to the patient.
  • Right to get details of the bill.
  • Right to seek second opinion about his/her disease, treatment,etc.

Right to Confidentiality

At SGHS Hospital,Mohali you can be assured of complete privacy and confidentiality during yourstay at the hospital and after discharge. Your hospital records,in-patient aswell as out-patient, will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

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