Patients Responsibilities

Patient Responsibilities

  • To faith fully undergo the agreed therapy.

  • To follow the doctors instructions diligently.

  • To take necessary preventive measures in case of infectious diseases as per the doctors instructions.

  • To be aware that doctors and nurses are also human beings and are amenable to mistakes andlapses.

  • To make thepayment for the treatment, wherever applicable, to the hospital promptly.

  • To respectthe autonomy of the doctors and nurses.

  • To treatdoctors and nurses with respect.

  • To bepunctual to attend the hospital, for the treatment at the given time.

  • To preserveall the records of one’s illness.

  • To keep thedoctor informed if the patient wants to change the hospital/doctor.


You Have The Responsibility to Report Any Issues, Complaints Or Concerns That May Affect Your Care. We Also Request You To Kindly Complete The Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire Before You Leave The Hospital, For Helping Us Constantly Improve Our Services.

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