Lasik Procedure

Discover The World of Freedom from Glasses and Contact Lenses with the Advanced Blade- free Wave- Light Lasik Procedure At Sohana Hospital Mohali

See the Wavelight Difference

  • Smooth Treatments
  • High Level Of Comfort
  • Excellent Accuracy
  • Proven Safety
  • Multiple Treatment Options
Lasik Procedure

Wavelight Lasik Procedure Delivers :

  • Greater Precision
  • Enhanced Predictability
  • Increased Safety
  • Improved Comfort

Is Lasik Right For You?

Having Lasik Surgery Is A Life Changing Decision. That's Why It’s Very Important To Speak With Our Surgeon To Make Sure You’re A Good Candidate. During Your Initial Consultation, Your Surgeon May:

  • Conduct An Eye Exam
  • Verify If Lasik Can Improve Your Vision
  • Check If Your Prescription Is Stable For Atleast The Past Year
  • Test For Eye Conditions That Can Affect Your Surgical Options
  • Make Sure You're Comfortable With And Knowledgeable About Lasik
  • Help You Understand What To Expect From The Procedure

The Facts About OptiLasik With Wavelight Technology :

  • 93% Of Nearsighted Patients See 20/20 Or Better
  • 83% Of Farsighted Patients See 20/25 Or Better
  • 92% Of Patients Described Their Vision As “Good” Or “Excellent”

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It was a wonderful experience coming over to SGHS for my Eye Tests. I could compare the facilities to UK health system which though is equally good. I strongly appreciate the management of this useful institution. Please maintain the way it is, as it is perfect.


I want to say big thanks to all SGHS Team (Dr’s, Nursing staff and all other staff). Great Work Team..Kudos.. Big Thanks..


My name is Pooja sharma and I am from kaithal and I got checked my eye from various places and all of them told that the power of spectacles is very high. After that I came to sohana hospital, they suggested me for the lasik and told me that I would not get any pain and there will not be need of any dressing, and my operation went successful and I can see near and far away very clearly, and I want to thank Dr. Amanpreet kaur.


My name is Amanjot. I am from Anandpur sahib. My eyesight was weak, andit was no. 3 for that I came to sohana hospital for check up where I met Dr. Amanpreet, and she suggested me for blade free lasik operation and then I got blade free operation in which I did not face any trouble and very simply, I can see well and sohana hospital is very nice hospital and here doctors and other staff are very supportive.


Satshriakal ji, My name is baldev singh s/o S. Bachhan singh. I was having very weak eyesight and I came to Dr. Gurmeet singh ji, they checked and told me that I have cataract. Before that I was using double spectacles, but with that I was having problems in reading, writing and working etc. for that he suggested me Multifocal lens. They did operation on 28th with which I left using spectacles. After that near and far I can see, read better and I want to thank deeply Dr. sahib, staff and sohana hospital who cooperated me very much from admission to discharge, Now my second eye is getting operated on 11th at 9.30am and on that day may waheguru bless me good.


My name is satnam singh. I live in Chandigarh, I have been wearing spectacles since 9th standard. After that someone suggested me to go to sohana hospital, and there when I met Dr. Amanpreet she suggested me for lasik operation, After lasik operation I did not feel the need to wear it now, I can see clear, For that I am very thankful to sohana hospital and Dr. Amanpreet.