Worlds Fastest 100% Blade Free Lasik(US FDA Approved)

Now In Tricity,Worlds Fastest 100% Blade Free Lasik (F S 200,US FDA Approved)

Transform your vision with 100% Blade Free Lasik (F S 200) surgery @ SGHS Hospital,Sohana

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Introducing Worlds Fastest Blade Free Lasik (US FDA Approved)

NO BLADE method is the latest leap in laser vision correction. It is not only a 100% blade-free approach to laser vision correction but is a step superior to the conventional lasik treatment.

The NO Blade method, by contrast enables your surgeons to perform laser vision correction without any flap at all. There is no danger that the flap can get displaced, either immediately after the procedure, or even years after the procedure. And the corneal surface cells hardly get disturbed during the procedure, which means that there is hardly any pain or discomfort during the procedure.

Surgical Advantages

The No Blade Method gives the surgeon many advantages over the conventional LASIK treatment. These include:

  • No Flap to Displace
  • Less Dry Eye
  • Better Corneal Biomechanics
  • Much More Precision and Stability
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