Blood Bank

Blood Bank

Sri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Blood Bank is fully functional as per provisions of the 'Drug sand Cosmetics Act / Rules' for operating as blood bank. The license for whole blood / blood components and Apheresis has been obtained from the Central License Approving Authority i.e. Drug Controller (G) India.

The BloodBank is providing whole human blood / blood components to the indoor patientsand also to the private hospitals / nursing homes of the region round the clockat nominal testing / processing / service charges as per central governmentnotification No.S.12016/01/2012-NACO (NBTC) dated 12th February 2014.


Salient Features:

  • Operational24 x 7 x 365 days.
  • High Qualityproducts.
  • Equipped withstate of the art equipment's.
  • Specialstress on voluntary blood donations (approx. 90 %)
  • 100 %component preparation.
  • Each productis screened for Transfusion Transmitted infections (HIV, Hepatitis B, HepatitisC, Syphilis and Malaria)
  • Kits approvedby Govt. of India (NACO).
  • Donorsscreened 'REACTIVE' for infectious markers are informed & counseled.
  • RegularQuality checks are carried out on blood bags, reagents, kits, blood components.

We Provide:

  • Whole Blood
  • Packed RedBlood Cells
  • Platelet Concentrate
  • Fresh FrozenPlasma
  • Apheresis(SDP)

Diagnostic facilities Available:

  • BloodGrouping (cell Grouping & Serum Grouping)
  • Direct CoombsTest (DCT)
  • IndirectCoombs Test (ICT)
  • AntibodyTitration

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