Department of Anaesthesia is dedicated to providing the highest quality and safest anaesthesia for its patients.

SGHS Superspeciality Hospital performs different type of surgical procedures, which include neurosurgical, vascular, orthopaedic, plastics, ophthalmologic, gynaecologic, urologic, and general and minimally invasive surgery. We also provide care to patients undergoing procedures in locations outside the main operating room such as Labour and Delivery.

Historically anaesthesiologists have been known as physicians who administer anaesthesia to alleviate pain and suppress consciousness of patients undergoing surgery.

Today, anaesthesiologists monitor a whole range of body functions and vital signs, such as breathing, blood oxygen, blood pressure and heart rate to protect your health. Advances in patient monitoring, improved anaesthetic agents and new drug therapies have empowered the anaesthesiologists in a huge way and enabled them to provide the patient with much better and painless services.

At SGHS Superspeciality Hospital, we use state of the art equipment and techniques to make our patients comfortable and ensure they are in the best hands at all the time. The department provides anaesthetic services for all major specialties. The operation theatres are well equipped with modern anaesthetic machines with adequate safety devices and have state of the art patient monitoring systems.

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