About Us

SGHS hospital is a leading hospital in Tricity region of Chandigarh, Mohali & Panchkula providing comprehensive, high quality and ethical medical care to citizens of the city beautiful. SGHS (C) Eye Hospital Trust is one among many milestones laid by a visionary par excellence. Bhai Sahib Bhai Jasbir Singh ji Khalsa (Khannewale) (1944-2006) is prominent name in “Sikh Samaj” (Sikh community) and is amongst 7 eminent personalities who are honored with “Panth Rattan” award for their contribution to the society. He founded this trust with the noble cause of establishing a modern and sophisticated eye care center to serve millions of eye patients across the nation without any discrimination. Adhering to the motive of “Pay if you can” and “To serve humanity”, the trust is successfully eradicating eye diseases, has expanded its medical facilities turning into a multi-disciplinary hospital.

IDEALS* for which Trust is working

  • To provide medical care facilities to the economically weaker sections of society at affordable rates. 

  • To provide most reliable medical services in all spheres of medicine & surgery.

  • To provide most reliable & accurate test results by our Pathology lab.

  • To provide comprehensive and advanced medicare facilities under one umbrella; and

  • To establish a drug-free society.

Inception of Hospitals

Sri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Charitable Eye Hospital is established in the year 1995 and is developed in multiple phases. It is designed and constructed in close co-ordination with professionals from India and overseas. Moreover, philanthropists from India and abroad have donated latest equipment(s) in the field of eye surgery and diagnosis. The hospital authorities are indebted to them for their gesture of charity. The latest equipment and totally committed doctors have brought laurels to the hospital. The hospital has become a nerve center of vital ophthalmic care in the Northern India. It is keen to achieve excellence in the patient care.

Sri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Charitable Eye Hospital (also known as Sohana Hospital) is situated just 6 km away from city beautiful-Chandigarh. It is easily approachable from local bus stand of Sector-43 and Sector-17, Chandigarh. This sophisticated eye care center is located right opposite to GurdwaraGur Shabad Prakash Akal Ashram, Sohana which is also established by Bhai Jasbir Singh ji (year 1983). Whereas the hospital is located for the treatment of various ailments of eyes, Gurdwara Gur Shabad Prakash Akal Ashram is there to provide spiritual enlightenment to the mankind.

With thoughtfulness and farsightedness,the charitable Trust widened its arena from being only an Eye specialty hospital to the one specializing in almost all the medical fields. Thus, Multi-specialty hospital is started in year 2000 with multi-disciplinary specialties.

The Multi-Specialty hospital is 128 bed facilities for indoor patient, which includes private, semi-private,general ward, ICU and emergency services.

Computerized OPD Registration: Hospital is equipped with Hospital Management System which governs the complete process and ensures transparency. All patients have to collect computerized OPD card. This card provides the facility of consultation with specialist consultant and other related facilities. The necessary information about patients admitted in the hospital can be obtained from the reception counter itself.

Counseling:The counselors at the hospital would guide patient to related consultant doctor and also guide about the services available in the hospital. The counselor provides information to the patients about the surgery, the costs involved, the pros and cons associated with the surgery and other relevant and vital information. The laboratory tests, pre-anesthesia checkup and the admission process are also coordinated through this department.

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