About Trust Secretary

S Gurmeet Singh

S.Gurmeet Singh Ji
Secretary Trust

S. Gurmeet Singh (Honorable Trust Secretary), is a cheerful, innovative, intelligent, ambitious and a self- motivated personality. His extraordinary ability to analyze problems and outline necessary course of action is invaluable. He is a prolific speaker with outstanding leadership abilities. Through his wide-range of knowledge, he grasps new concepts quickly and accepts constructive criticism. He behaves professionally and demonstrates a broad range of skills and his comments are well thought out and clearly articulated.

Furthermore, his flair for organization, can be easily visualized at SHRI GURU HARKRISHAN SAHIB© EYE HOSPITAL TRUST –SOHANA, a super specialty hospital with advanced eye, heart and dental care services. The hospital has a well renowned team of doctors, administrators, world class equipments and infrastructure, highly dedicated nurses and support staff.

Moreover, he is a true Gursikh, who has a strong belief in the principles of Sikhism and always considers him to be the servant of “The Guru and Sangat”. He advocates the authenticity of Gurbani and seeks blessings of the almighty with “Simran Sadhna”. S. Gurmeet Singh is a true follower of “Rehat Maryada” and serves the humanity without any discrimination.

Through his strong determination and will power, he took all the responsibility on his shoulders to fulfill the dreams of Bhai Sahib Bhai Jasbir Singh Ji Khalsa(Founder Chairman of SGHS Trust), and has left no stone unturned to achieve the set goal.

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