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Bhai Devinder Singh

Bhai Sahib Bhai
Devinder Singh

Born on Dec 10, 1955 to father S. Beant Singh and mother Mata Charanjit Kaur, (Bhai) Devinder Singh,right from his childhood days, recognized an in-born quality in him to servepeople around. Supported by religious thoughts and lust to serve humanity, helearnt Kirtan and started reciting Gurbani from his childhood days. A sweetspoken and attentive listener, Bhai Sahib (now called as “Veer Ji” with respect) completed his graduation with English, PoliticalScience and Punjabi, while studying in Khanna his native place. Hailing from a Gur sikh family, all through his life he has drawn inspiration from Sikh teachings. He understands that honest work creates healthy institution and community.

Hisviews, “Sharing with others, caring for the poor and needy, standing forfreedom and justice, being grateful to God and working together in communityfor the good of all are the things that bring health, peace and prosperity.”These characteristics in Bhai Sahib drew attention of ‘Panth Rattan’ Late BhaiSahib Bhai Jasbir Singh Ji Khalsa Khanewale (founder chairman of Sri GuruHarkrishan Sahib (C ) Eye Hospital Trust), who persuaded him to perform ‘Sewa’at Gurdwara Gur Shabad Parkash Akal Ashram, Sohana as Head Preacher in October 1991. To wake up during wee hours(Amrit-Vela) and to start reciting Gurbani, ‘Simran Sadhna’ (meditation), Kathaand Kirtan from 3.00A.M.has been his daily routine since then uninterruptedly.Bhai Sahib’s disciplined living earned him respect around the world. And onDecember 14, 2003 Bhai Jasbir Singh Khannewale, while addressing a largegathering of Sangat announced the name of Bhai Devinder Singh Ji as his (BhaiJasbir Singh Ji’s) successor. After the demise of Bhai Jasbir Singh on Oct 14,2006, he took over as Chairman, on Oct.17 2006, of Sri Guru Harkrishan Sahib(C) Eye Hospital Trust Sohana.

Today, there is growingdemand for enhancement of quality of life through quality of vision. In Indiaover 2 million people, majority of who are children below 12, suffer from cornealblindness and every year around 25,000 more are added. To combat such a seriousproblem & inspired by the life and philosophy of Sant Attar Singh Ji ofMastuana Sahib and Sant Niranjan Singh Ji of Patiala to serve the peoplewithout any discrimination, Bhai Sahib Bhai Jasbir Singh Ji Khalsa Khanne waleestablished -Sri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Charitable Eye Institute &Multispecialty Hospital under Sri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Charitable Eye Hospital trustSohana, which is an ultra modern and well equipped hospital that provides Eyecare and Multispecialty services to general public. SGHS(C) Eye Hospital trustSohana is working very successfully under the supervision of its Chairman and agroup of five trustees. The hospital started in the year 1995 at Sohana nearMohali stands tall with the noble concept of ‘Pay If You Can’ and with the mottoof “SEWA”, there by serving millions of patients irrespective of their caste,creed and religion. Expenses on surgery and medicines are charged only from thosewho can afford to pay.

SGHS(C) Eye Hospitaltrust Sohana (Eye Institute & Multispecialty Hospital and SGHS College ofNursing) is the outcome of the vision of Panth Rattan Bhai Sahib Bhai Jasbir Singhji Khalsa Khanne wale. He (“Vade Veer Ji”) is proud of its Medical,Para-medical & other staff who have worked with dedication and motivationto provide compliable services to the masses.

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